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17 Old Street, Clevedon BS21 6ND
(01275) 343 792

Shop Hours:
Mondays : 9-3pm
Tuesday-Saturday : 9-4.30pm

Sundays: Closed 


All enquires to 

From field to table our aim is to bring our produce from field to your table in the shortest possible time with the shortest possible journey.

About Us
The business started in thought form in the summer of 2008 whilst sitting in our friend’s garden. We were discussing the fact that Clevedon no longer had a greengrocer and it would be great to have somewhere to buy fruit and veg. Suddenly, we had a Eureka moment – “Hang on a minute why don’t we open a fruit and veg shop?”

I have worked in the food industry all my life and Mags has always worked in the restaurant trade – between us we could definitely make it work! We started the ball rolling and friends offered micro finance loans (which without we would not have been able to get started). We withdrew all our savings and we hunted down a property. About six months later in early December 2008 The Veg Box opened its doors for the first time.

We offer an alternative to the supermarket – locally sourced fruit and veg and a friendly service. We can always chat about what’s available and how to best cook with our fruit and veg. We really look forward to seeing you in our shop!

Happy customers
LaurencePooleLaurence Poole
“We shop at the veg box regularly. Great value fruit and veg and much better quality than the supermarkets.”


MWprofileMichael Waugaman
“It doesn’t get any better than having fresh, healthy goodness brought straight to our door!”